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It was a day with something to look forward to, with traders are eagerly awaiting the latest technology stock to launch on the Aquis exchange, NFT Investments. The company decided to take £35 million in funds although almost £150 million had been subscribed for. The launch was 5-6 times oversubscribed and institutions who were severely cut back need to top up their holdings in the morning. Four NFT purchases have been lined up for the next month or so. Extra market makers were scrambling to make a market in the stock on the basis this should be one of the biggest volume stocks and they do not want to miss out. On the grey market it is quoted around the 15 to 20p mark, meaning that lucky Golden Ticket holders in at 5p could triple or quadruple their money or more. Adding more spice to the big day on Friday was M&A website Betaville suggesting that billionaire and art investor Steve Cohen has been talking to NFT Investments. A possible investor ahead of the float was a “superstar rapper.” While the identity of this person was something of a mystery, we are more likely to be in Jay-Z territory than Vanilla Ice.

BrandShield Systems (BRSD), a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions from brand protection to online threat hunting, saw its shares rise 9% as it said that it has extended its contract to provide services to a leading, global financial institution specialising in crypto currency and blockchain. Under the terms of the contract BrandShield will continue to provide a comprehensive anti-phishing and online threat hunting solution, and extends protective coverage of the financial sector further and, in the crypto currency verticals with blue chip clients like eToro and Simplex.

Shares of Wishbone Gold (WSBN), the London listed precious metals trading and exploration company appear to have been in consolidation mode since it announced last month that it was paying £96,000 for the option to acquire the Cottesloe Project. However, with some in the market taking the view that fresh news is overdue, as well as the way that the Gold price has rallied some $60 since the start of the month, it could be the case that companies like Wishbone return to favour, with the way the stock was up nearly 10% underlining this point.

Also in the same kind of positive as Wishbone Gold, on the recovery angle has been investment group Gunsynd (GUN), which has the key Rincon Resources shareholding, as well as pooled sports betting play Low6, premium spirits group Rogue Baron (SHNJ) and the latest addition to its collection, Anglo Saxony Mining – a tin exploration and development company. Given the recent rally in this metal too, it was not difficult to work out the reason for the improvement in Gunsynd through 2p via a 6% share price rise.

A stock where the bears / sellers had at least a partial pie in the face was edtech specialist Dev Clever (DEV). Here while there has been a massive rally from below 10p to nearly 40p, there still seem to be some in the market with no faith. This is despite this week’s announcement to buy Indian partner Veative, a deal which seals the deal on the company’s expansion plans not only on the sub continent, but also across the world. The stock managed a 4% rise, after an initial dip equal to that amount.

Finally, there appeared to be something of a buzz surrounding Serinus Energy (SENX) with some traders citing the recent placing churn as being over, strong production figures versus market cap and a former Goldman Sachs investment banker as CEO. This may at least have been part of the explanation for the 3% share price rise for the international oil company with operations in Romania and Tunisia.

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