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Stock Market Watch: #BLU #BRSD #DEV #GUN #ORCP #PIRI #RGO #XTR

This post was written by Zak Mir, a Technical Analyst, Events Host, Presenter, CEO Interviewer and established Market Commentator

Interestingly enough, it is not necessarily the stocks that have the greatest positive chat on social media that achieve the greatest gains. This point has been underlined by the recent rise and rise of copper-gold play Xtract Resources (XTR). The shares have achieved a turnaround since both the purchase of the Bushranger Project in New South Wales, Australia. This meant that the company has been rubbing shoulders with some of the big stock market winners in the post pandemic Australian mining sector Gold Rush, a point illustrated by the latest 60% one day share price rise. The gain came in the wake of the latest update regarding drilling at Bushranger where “Copper mineralisation commenced in drill hole BRDD-20-001 at a depth of 110m and has become stronger as the hole has continued to the current depth of 804m.” Further updates are promised, at an asset which is clearly exceeding initial expectations.

While there have not been that many new listings on the stock market in the recent past, it has been noticeable that most of the new issues have done well given strong investor appetite and liquidity. The evidence for this comes in its latest manifestation by a 15% rise in shares of cybersecurity specialist Brandshield Systems (BRSD), in the wake of unveiling a director options package. An obvious winner in the post pandemic environment, having the ability to neutralize external online threats to corporates looks to be a fundamental necessity and is where the company is achieving contract wins. Brandshield was admitted to AIM at the beginning of December following the reverse takeover of Two Shields at 20p, versus the latest 32.5p close. Delivering US tech giant Bristol Meyers Squibb since then would appear to have focused the minds of the bulls.

One of the traditional green flags as far as the stock market’s fundamental signals are concerned is the swing from loss to profits. This was announced earlier in the week by Blue Star Capital (BLU) in its final results for the year ended 30 September 2020. Profit before tax stood at £1.7 million, compared to a loss of £0.7 million reported in the previous year, at the SatoshiPay and early stage esports company investor. The latest announcement of a change of broker has added an 11% gain to the Blue Star share price.

Sprawling investment company Gunsynd (GUN) announced its final results, coming in the wake of knock the lights out 2020, despite the pandemic, with no less than three liquidity events in December. The highlight here in comparison with analogous plays has been the relative swift turnaround of investments, as well as an eye for a bargain in a variety of sectors. The flagship deal was Gunsynd’s major holding in Rincon Resources, and the successful float of the Western Australia focused copper and gold group. Gunsynd said it is well funded for the foreseeable future, in the aftermath of its latest Low 6 pool betting platform investment last month.

With all things crypto, blockchain and DeFi being red hot again, it was not surprising that tech investor Pires (PIRI) jumped as much as 20% in initial dealings after unveiling the completion of its investment in YOP, a decentralised finance play. Pires said it would use some of the YOP tokens acquired in the deal to invest in Pluto Digital Assets, an Ethereum play. Major Pires investor Riverfort (RGO) saw its shares climb 14%, something which is not too surprising given the doubling of Pires shares in the past couple of weeks.

It was green light time – or at least the first steps – for Oracle Power (ORCP), at least in terms of the natural resources development company announcing that its consortium partner,  the China National Coal Development Company had started coal gasification pre-feasibility work relating to Oracle’s flagship Thar Block VI Project in Pakistan. Oracle suggested that momentum is moving in favour of its long awaited development of its monster asset.

Finally, there was another all time closing high for edtech play Dev Clever (DEV), as the pandemic, and home schooling lockdown hell continued to focus investors minds on the merits of career guidance as well as digital learing. Shares in Dev were up another 8%, still buoyed by last month’s 5 year strategic deal for a B2C rollout in India.

Disclaimer: is a purely journalistic website – Zak Mir is a member of the National Union of Journalists. There is no intention here of providing financial advice. It is recommended you seek an independent professional opinion before deciding whether or not to take any action with regard to anything written here.

Zak Mir

Zak Mir

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