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Stock Market Watch: #AAA #BRSD #COIN #DEV #GUN #KR1 #MODE #QTZ #UPPT

This post was written by Zak Mir, a Technical Analyst, Events Host, Presenter, CEO Interviewer and established Market Commentator

There was a sense of completion to the trading session for more than a few followed small caps on the London market. This was both literally in terms of deals being completed, but also situations where the where the recent waiting game had come to an end. In the case of Canadian Overseas Petroleum (COPL) it could say that Atomic is now a done deal. What its investors have to look forward to once the COPL shares come back from suspension, is a massive ramp up in production from next month. That said, they may appreciate even more a ramp up in the market cap of the company, with estimates regarding the stock’s return on social media seemingly varying from between three times and as much as eight times the present market cap just over £30m at 0.38p.
A company where there has been a sharply rising market cap over the past year has been *All Active Asset Capital (AAA). Here the tech investment company, which has become a favourite among professional investors and HNWs. This is hardly surprising given the recent arrival of a couple of UHNWs and their investment offices last month: David Rosen and Nick Candy. The latest news from All Active has been that 6,000 new ordinary AAQUA shares have been issued to AAA, and this initial exercise has completed. Under the terms of the Option agreement with AAQUA, AAA can, subject to certain conditions, subscribe for up to 125,000 new AAQUA ordinary shares at £1,000 per share, of which €119 million remains to be exercised. It therefore looks as though there is plenty more to run as far as this story is concerned. Shares of AAA closed up 7.50p at another record high.
There has been anticipation of sorts at Edtech specialist Dev Clever (DEV), with investors waiting on the company to issue a prospectus. Perhaps the most interesting aspect here was that following the publication of the prospectus, 30 million new ordinary shares have been issued to each of Intrinsic Capital Jersey Limited and Sitius Limited at a price of 10p per share raising a total of £6 million.
There was welcome, fresh newsflow at cybersecurity specialist Brandshield (BRSD), a company which emerged from Two Shields in December. Here we heard that it has launched Image Recognition and OCR technologies for the detection of impersonation, phishing fraud and counterfeits on Social Media platforms. In January Brandshield launched Recognition and OCR for the detection of abuse across e-Commerce marketplaces. It said that the latest initiative reinforces the Company’s commitment to the continued development of its brand protection and online threat hunting technology. Shares of Brandshield rallied just under 7%.
There was a 9% rally at Bitcoin app specialist Mode Global (MODE), which still remains relatively close to its IPO price, despite all the water under the bridge, and a massive rally in cryptocurrencies since the autumn. Here traders were pointing to “the seller” finally being out of the stock – clearly someone attempting to sell at the lowest price possible. They were looking forward to a breakout after this event, buoyed by the latest stretch by Bitcoin back to the $60,000 area, and the message regarding Mode finally getting through to the market.
A company which has been somewhat quiet of late, after certainly being one of 2020 shining stars, has been investment group Gunsynd (GUN). Here there was a 7% rally in the wake of last week’s announcement that premium spirits company Rogue Baron, an investee company of Gunsynd has begun trading on the Aquis Exchange, a disruptive stock market in London. The recent mega bull market has meant that, with apparently little effort, Aquis has become the home of some of the hottest tech stocks around such as KR1 (KR1) and Coinsilium (COIN), with relative newcomers such as Quetzal Capital (QTZ) and Upper Thames Holdings (UPPT) hoping to follow in their footsteps.

Disclaimer: is a purely journalistic website – Zak Mir is a member of the National Union of Journalists. There is no intention here of providing financial advice. It is recommended you seek an independent professional opinion before deciding whether or not to take any action with regard to anything written here.

*The author owns shares in All Active (AAA)


Zak Mir

Zak Mir

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