Tiziana Life Sciences: All About The Pipeline

Even through all the incessant stock market noise, it is clear that there is one area which is really in breakthrough mode as we get to the end of the 2010s: biotechnology. While for some we should have got to this stage earlier, successfully treating types of cancer and immune diseases via companies such as Tiziana Life Science is very much achievable.


Nevertheless, one should probably contrast the human aspect of treating Crohn’s Disease, Liver cancer or MS, as Tiziana is on course to do via its pipeline, with the way that the shares of this company are idling in the lower segment of a 40p – 250p range since 2015. So far, the stock market in its infinite wisdom has decided that very little of the progress made in recent years should be fed into the market cap. As is often the case the focus is on a company delivering results. Given the multiple treatments Tiziana is well on the way to developing, the waiting game should be close to its conclusion.


In the meantime from a charting perspective, we see the stock trading in the aftermath of a large and unfilled gap rebound through the 50 day moving average at the beginning of April. Interestingly enough, last July witnessed a similar gap through the 50 day line, and was followed by a 100p rally. One would expect history to repeat itself on any near term break of the 2018 resistance line at 77p.

Author: Zak Mir

Financial commentator, interviewer, technical analyst

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