Sailpoint Technologies NYSE: SAIL: Potential For Multiple Bidders

Salepoint Technologies is currently in play, and is said to be being looked at by IBM, Cisco and Juniper. They are looking at the $2.5bn company, and how its technology could help their businesses.


These multiple bidders are interested in Salespoint on the contribution it makes to the space as the security technology it possesses would be a very good to all of these company. That said, the management of Salepoint are happy with their commanding position and strong hand, but could be looking for $40 plus minimum on any exit. Should this situation start to develop there could effectively be an auction situation between large tech rivals with deep pockets.


It should be noted from the daily chart of Sailpoint that the trend via the price channel of the past year has been point to a top of channel of $45, especially while near term support towards $25 remains in place.

Author: Zak Mir

Financial commentator, interviewer, technical analyst

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