WPP – In The Sights Of Private Equity

WPP is now being circled by some of the largest private equity groups in the world, and therefore should be the next FTSE 100 company to be taken over. Just for a change the company, politicians, and regulators will probably be happy this goes through. All of this from the private equity vultures does of course takes advantage of the  share price drop, something which implies that the company could be bought for £15-£18 in the wake of Sir Martin Sorrell’s alleged activities. (I won’t tell, if you don’t – Rock n’ Roll.)

Ironically, if this target price is achieved, Sir Martin will probably be millions or even billions better off than if recent events had not occured…so a happy ending.


More news and colour on this developing story will be reported here on Zakmir.com during the week. By the way, the logo seems rather weak for an advertising firm?


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Author: Zak Mir

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