Zurich Insurance Group: Who Isn’t Looking At It

Given that Zurich is possibly one of the most boring companies in the world, it takes some effort for an “amateur” writing such as myself to even put finger to keyboard. The latest here surrounds hedge fund interest in the group, and price action which according to someone of 30 years of day in / day out observation of such matters would suggest something is afoot.


As far as suggestions in the market are concerned, we have perhaps rather unhelpfully, who may not be running the rule over Zurich. Quite logically, the first non contender is said to be Warren Buffett – perhaps on the basis that the company is too exciting from his perspective (ultra boring).


The other non contender – which may be too obvious is allegedly Allianz.  The other half heard snippet is that Morgan Stanley is advising somewhere in the mix. That is all for now.


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Author: Zak Mir

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